Agency Regulations

Each and every project is different, with it’s own set of parameters, permits, and mitigation measures. There is no one size-fits-all approach. SummitWest can advise you on the rules and regulations pertaining to your project, correspond with the agencies, and assist in the permitting process. We will also prepare environmental documents and reports as needed.

In addition to permitting, the various field surveys required for your project will have their own strict protocols and requirements. SummitWest is well versed in these field survey protocols, understands agency requirements and can help you budget for these.

Federal Regulations

There are numerous federal regulations that can affect your project. The most common ones are outlined here.

Endangered Species
At the federal level, endangered species permitting and survey protocols are typically permitted by the USFWS.  Each species will have its own survey protocol and regulation.  Knowing what types/species surveys you even need to do can be daunting, so let having a good environmental firm to guide you is critical.  While there are over 100 special status species with special field survey protocols, here are some of the main ones for the southern California region:

Coastal California gnatcatcher (CAGN)
Quino checkerspot butterfly (QCB)
Vernal pool branchiopods (fairy shrimp)
Desert Tortoise
Least Bell’s vireo

Looking for a full list?  click here

Wetland and Streams
One big question to ask:  does your project affect a streambed or wetland?  If the answer is “yes” or “maybe”, then the field work and permitting gets a lot more complicated.  Chances are you will need a 404 permit and a 1600 permit.  Remember, never do any work in a streambed or wetland (even if it is currently dry) without having permits in place!
404 permit link
1600 permit link

The BLM is a federal agency that can also get involved in your project if you are on land that they manage.  When this is the case, all the other federal and state laws still apply, but there will now be an extra agency involved (BLM), and they may have regulations of their own to consider in addition.

California Regulations

When working in a state such as California, the laws and regulations can be numerous, with multiple agencies needing to be involved at the same time.  California environmental work is governed by CEQA.  There are cases where a species may not be federally listed as endangered, but in California it is protected at the state level.  There are also instances were the state law is more strict than the federal law, and the state law will supersede the federal one.  It is good to have a CEQA expert on your project to ensure compliance with all regulations.


SummitWest Experience

SummitWest Environmental has years of experience performing protocol level surveys for endangered species to ensure compliance with the federal and state regulations.  We also have experience in the permitting process for both NEPA and CEQA.

Our clients enjoy our permitted expertise at reasonable cost, and flexibility in schedule and project size. We bring the value of the expertise and experience of a large firm, without the extra overhead costs. We are passionate about what we do, and strive to deliver the highest quality work to all our clients’ project, no matter the size.

Cost Conscious

While we are a full service environmental firm, from designing field surveys and leading efforts, we are also small and nimble with low overhead – savings which get passed on to the client.  We are able to bring expertise to a larger team, provide field surveys, or take on the entire project, all without impacting your budget the same way a much larger firm can do.