Botany Surveys Overview

SummitWest Environmental specializes in botanical surveys, helping clients remain in compliance with CEQA and NEPA, as well as local permitting requirements. SummitWest Environmental offers the expertise of more than a decade of botanical fieldwork experience, guaranteeing you receive high quality and accurate reports.

Our services include:

  • Botanical surveys
  • Listed plant surveys
  • Habitat assessments
  • Invasive species inventory and weed mapping
  • Vernal pool surveys
  • Wetland delineations
  • Restoration Projects

Botanist Experts

Many professionals are wildlife-experts first and botany-experts second. Consequently, the data collected is typically of average quality. SummitWest Environmental understands your need to find talented and experienced botanists who put knowledge and quality as a top priority. We take every measure possible to ensure efficiency in the field and work long days to maximize field data collection relative to travel and mobilization costs.

Our Solution

Our team is comprised of highly motivated and highly talented botanists who are always focused on protecting your bottom line. We can design your entire plant survey ourselves or join your team of botanists to provide more manpower and expertise.

We provide surveys and services for:

  • All state and federally listed plant species
  • Wetland delineations
  • Vernal pool botanical surveys
  • Invasive species mapping
  • Habitat assessments

In addition, our senior botanists have extensive experience conducting surveys of Brodiaea filifolia (common name threadleaf brodiaea) in a variety of diverse settings. Our clients appreciate our meticulous and timely report writing and data collection methods aimed at delivering accurate results.

Why choose SummitWest Environmental

SummitWest Environmental is comprised of true botanical experts. From our five years of Brodiaea filifolia team-lead experience on Camp Pendleton, to extensive national forest rare plant surveys, we are familiar with the typical budget constraints associated with botanical surveys—we know exactly what you are looking for and know how to collect and deliver the data you need.

We are a certified DBE and WBE, and have special permits for surveying endangered species.


Tips & Tricks

We’ve got a nice intro on how to use CalFlora’s What Grows Here search feature.  Check it out!