Field Surveys Overview

SummitWest Environmental specializes in pre and post-construction surveys and clearance sweeps for compliance with CEQA and NEPA, the Endangered Species Act, and local permitting requirements.

Our services include:

We have worked on projects such as private development projects, government improvement initiatives, renewable energy projects, transmission line construction, restoration projects and military base projects.

Biological Survey Expert

We understand your need to find talented field surveyors with attention to detail who are efficient, hard-working and affordable. Working with SummitWest Environmental allows your company to have the flexibility of scheduling and staffing options so you always have the right professionals for your project. In addition, you will benefit from SummitWest’s lack of overhead costs typical of many corporate offices, guaranteeing that projects remain on track and on time.

Our Solution

Our clients trust our hard working and highly talented staff dedicated to provide value while protecting the bottom line. Our employees can tolerate long days outside in a wide range of field conditions. You will receive accurate and timely data through our meticulous report writing and data collection methods.

We provide protocol surveys for endangered species including:

  • California Gnatcatcher
  • Desert Tortoise
  • Fairy Shrimp
  • Flat-tailed Horned Lizard
  • Quino Checkerspot Butterfly
  • State and Federally Listed Plants

In addition, we are experts in conducting general avian surveys, nesting bird surveys, nest monitoring, and other general wildlife field surveys. We also perform wetland delineations, vernal pool surveys, vegetation mapping, invasive species inventory, and habitat assessments.

Why choose SummitWest Environmental

SummitWest is experienced, hard working, and competent. Our name is associated with excellent field data, reasonable rates, and flexible scheduling (we’ll work on weekends if you need us, and won’t complain about living in a hotel for a while).

We are also a certified DBE and WBE, and have special permits for surveying endangered species.