Featured Projects

Catalina Island Emergency Well, Howland’s Landing, current

Catalina Island is supplied by well water, and one of its main wells has fallen to salt-water intrusion. Working under an emergency permit granted to SCE, a new well is being dug at Howland’s Landing. Chez and Griffin are providing biological monitoring of the sensitive and endemic plants and Island Kit Fox. Our tasks include:

  • Daily sweeps of construction site
  • Monitoring the jurisdictional waterway
  • Monitoring the rare plant populations
  • Monitoring Kit Fox activity on site
  • Report writing

Tehachapi Renewable Transmission Project, 2010-current

TRTP is an upgrade to an existing SCE line from north of Palmdale to the LA Basin. This upgrade requires removal of old towers and installation of new ones. A large portion of this project runs through the Angeles National Forest. Chez provides botany and construction monitoring, while Griffin serves as link lead for biological compliance. Our tasks include:

  • Daily sweeps of construction sites
  • Botanical surveys
  • Nesting bird surveys and nest updates
  • Weed and vegetation mapping
  • Burrowing owl surveys
  • Collapsing of burrows and squirrel tunnels

Rare plant and Brodiaea filifolia surveys, Camp Pendleton, 2012

SummitWest Environmental led a team of botanists on Camp Pendleton in search of Brodiaea filifolia, a federally listed endangered plant. Summit also recorded any other rare species found, including:

  • Eryngium pendletonensis
  • Dichondra occidenalis
  • Dudleya multicaulis
  • Dudleya blochmanii

Sunrise Powerlink, 2010-2012

The Sunrise Powerlink was a new transmission line built in Imperial and San Diego Counties. It runs from Plaster City in the desert to Lakeside, largely following interstate 8 and went through portions of the Cleveland National Forest. SummitWest provided:

  • Daily sweeps of construction site
  • Noise and dust monitoring
  • Mammal and herp relocations
  • Botanical surveys and vegetation assessments
  • California gnatcatcher surveys
  • Nesting bird and avian surveys
  • Habitat assessments
  • Endangered species surveys