SummitWest Environmental has experience working with public and private organizations to collect data on federal and state listed endangered & threatened species. We are familiar with CEQA and NEPA, and will help to keep your project compliant with all requirements, gathering all required data according to protocol.

Our services include:

  • Botanical surveys for rare plants
  • Habitat assessments for endangered species
  • Permitted endangered species surveys
  • Wildlife and avian field surveys

Endangered Species Experts

We understand your need to find permitted field surveyors with expertise of specific endangered species at an affordable rate. Working with SummitWest Environmental will guarantee that your project received high quality data on time and within budget. Our experience in endangered species survey is an asset to any project of public or private organizations.

Our Solution

Our clients enjoy working with our hard working and highly talented staff dedicated to providing value while protecting your bottom line. Our team prides itself on being self-sufficient in the field and can be relied upon to produce accurate results that are easily understood through our reports and recommendations.

We provide protocol surveys for endangered species including:

In addition, anything we cannot cover in house can be out-sourced to our extensive network of qualified contractors. Please inquire even if the endangered species survey you need is not listed here.

Why choose SummitWest Environmental

SummitWest Environmental prides itself on providing excellent field data, reliable service and clear communication. We are experts in endangered species surveys and work hard to ensure you receive the information you need, on time and within budget.

We are a certified DBE and WBE and have special permits for surveying endangered species.