Government Overview

SummitWest Environmental works with counties, local governments, and military bases to perform field surveys and construction monitoring for endangered species and sensitive habitats during infrastructure improvement and scientific projects.

Government organizations can partner with CBC to perform tasks such as:

  • Biological Assessments
  • General & Endangered Species Surveys
  • Species Inventory & Mapping Projects
  • Rare plant surveys
  • Clearance Sweeps
  • Infrastructure Project Monitoring
  • Post-burn Recovery Surveys
  • Pre-construction Surveys
  • Scientific Research Surveys

Our Approach to Government Projects

SummitWest Environmental understands the need for experienced, reliable, and affordable biologists. You can rest assured that your projects remain in compliance with NEPA, CEQA, and other biological project requirements and constraints. We provide expertise working with sensitive habitats and endangered species, data collection, and knowledge of the ins-and-outs of military base safety.

Why Choose SummitWest Environmental

SummitWest Environmental is a certified DBE and WBE and have special permits for surveying endangered species. We pride ourselves on the ability to provide accurate and actionable data from our fieldwork. Our clients benefit from our corporate experience and knowledge, without having to pay for extensive overhead. Your project will remain on time and within budget due to our ability to be flexible with scheduling and staffing.