Wildlife and Botanical Survey Consulting


SummitWest Environmental is an experienced and reliable consulting firm that specializes in permitted wildlife and botany surveys, construction compliance, and habitat assessments. Our experience spans multiple industries from construction and government, to private industry and biological consulting firms. Clients benefit from working with our hard-working and competent experts who always deliver affordable and effective solutions.

Reliable and Communicative

SummitWest Environmental understands the risks a client takes when hiring a consulting firm to perform environmental field surveys in remote areas with little oversight. We take pride in being reliable, efficient, and responsive. We take our fieldwork seriously, and always maintain open communications with you and your staff.

By working with SummitWest Environmental, you can expect to work with a firm that is experienced, efficient, attentive and communicative. Having nearly 15 years of experience, our staff approaches each project focusing on quality fieldwork. Regardless of whether the project takes 2 hours or 20 hours, our staff’s focus remains on producing quality results.

We also believe Communication and transparency are large factors of successful client-contractor relationships. Our reporting procedures are centered on providing you with everything you need to know regarding the status of your project. You will never be left wondering, “How did it go today?”

Quality and Value-focused

SummitWest Environmental focuses on delivering value to our clients, and this is shown in our fieldwork, data collection, and report writing. Your budget is important to us, as is the quality of the work we provide. We minimize transit costs and downtime to ensure you receive valuable work in an efficient and timely matter. We deliver quality services by providing experienced and seasoned biologists, who are self-sufficient and motivated to help get the tasks completed on time and in budget.

Our clients enjoy our permitted expertise at reasonable cost, and flexibility in schedule and project size. We bring the value of the expertise and experience of a large firm, without the extra overhead costs. We are passionate about what we do, and strive to deliver the highest quality work to all our clients’ project, no matter the size.

Contracting Opportunities

We are a full service environmental firm, from designing field surveys and leading efforts, but also enjoy being an integral part of a larger team.

SummitWest Environmental is available to prime fieldwork and surveys, or to bring experience and expertise to a larger team. We are a DBE certified firm with the typical insurance policies required in our line of work, and a fleet of vehicles and necessary field equipment.

Meet the Team of Two


Chez Brungraber

Chez has officially been in the “plant” business for nearly 15 years and in “the field” for 10 years, but she has been digging in the dirt for almost her whole life. Chez’s love for plants led her to Bucknell University to receive a B.S. in Biology and to the University of California, Davis where she received her M.S. in Environmental Horticulture.

Through her passion for plants and the desire to understand local ecosystems, Chez has branched out into vernal pools, avian studies, desert surveys, and butterfly surveys. She also has several years of construction monitoring experience due to her desire to work outside as much as possible.

Chez has lead many field teams and trained those unfamiliar with localized flora and fauna. She has also hosted many environmental awareness trainings for construction crews throughout southern California. Her experience includes:

  • Worked as a botanical field lead on numerous projects across the southwest, including surveys for Brodiaea filifolia on Camp Pendleton and rare species in several National Forests
  • Performed permitted surveys for California gnatcatcher, quino checkerspot butterfly, and fairy shrimp
  • Surveying for and monitoring of desert tortoise, burrowing owl, least bells vireo, over 100 rare plants, and flat-tailed horned lizard
  • Worked on two large-scale transmission line projects both for pre-construction surveys and biological compliance monitoring of construction


Griffin Brungraber

Griffin began his career as an engineer by earning a PE in Civil Engineering and a PhD in Structural Engineering. After time at a desk job, Griffin left the office to take on the field as a full-time Construction Monitor and Task Lead on several large-scale transmission projects, as well as helping Chez with field surveys, including for rare plants and desert tortoise.

His experience includes:

  • Worked as a lead environmental compliance monitor for the very high profile transmission upgrade project, known as Tehachapi Renewable Transmission Project (TRTP) in the Angeles National Forest. He acted as liason between construction teams and the biologists in the field, as well as spent thousands of hours out on the right-of-way, ensuring the project stayed in compliance.
  • Performed permitted surveys for California gnatcatcher, quino checkerspot butterfly, and fairy shrimp
  • Been a part of numerous botanical survey teams, including for Federally Endangered Brodiaea filifolia on Camp Pendleton
  • Worked on two other large-scale transmission line projects (Sunrise Powerlink, SDGE and DVP2, SCE) both for pre-construction surveys and biological compliance monitoring of construction



Experienced & Reliable

Our staff is young and energetic and we take an “efficiency” mindset going into each project, ultimately saving our clients time and money. We only need ten minutes for lunch, and if a project requires our staff to wake up at 5am to hike in 100-degree weather until 5pm, we can handle it.

Because botany is our firm’s specialty, you can expect reliable and accurate data from certified botanists. Due to botany being a very specific field of study, often quality botanists are hard to find. Consequently, environmental scientists, zoologists, and other biological scientists who happen to “do” botany on the side get hired for a botanical survey. Hiring CBC for your botany survey needs ensure you receive accurate data from an experience and highly competent staff.

Our Certifications and Permits

We have federal endangered species permits and years of full time construction monitoring as well, you can consider us an all in house business to handle your field needs. SummitWest Environmental is also certified with the State of California as a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Company: Certification #38681, Oregon Cert #9404.

Brodiaea filifolia expertise
• DBE/WBE in California and Oregon
• Federal Endangered Species permits:
• California gnatcatcher
• Fairy Shrimp
• Flat tailed horned lizard
• Quino checkerspot butterfly
• PE Civil Engineering
• QSD/QSP SWPPP permit
• Rare plant surveys

Getting started

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