SummitWest can navigate tough environmental laws and get your project permitted and kept in compliance from outset to completion. Our services include project management, land planning, CEQA/NEPA permitting, field surveys, endangered species consultation, resource monitoring, GIS mapping services, and drone services. We partner with people and organizations to ensure our natural resources and habitats are protected, while still accommodating growth and development.


SummitWest navigates complex environmental regulations and coordinates with governing agencies to determine your permitting needs and guarantee your projects are compliant.

Baseline, Biological, & Construction Compliance Studies

From environmental awareness training to endangered species consultations and weed abatement planning, SummitWest provides the baseline biological studies needed for project success.

  • Sensitive Species Inventories and Desktop Reviews
  • Environmental Requirement planning
  • Section 7 Endangered Species Consultations
  • Weed Abatement planning
  • Study Design and Statistical Analysis
  • Environmental Awareness Training
  • Environmentally Sensitive Area Fencing and Flagging

Biological Surveys & Resource Monitoring

We specialize in special status plant and animal surveys, habitat assessments, and construction monitoring. Our qualified team of permitted biologists and wetland scientists will map, model, or monitor any natural resource required to achieve environmental compliance.

  • Habitat Assessments & Survey
  • Field Wetlands monitoring
  • Special Status Species & Biological Field Survey
  • Special Status Species Translocation / Relocation
  • Biological Resource Construction Monitoring
  • Resource Agency Coordination
  • Emergency Projects
  • Fairy Shrimp Surveys

Habitat Mitigation & Restoration

SummitWest is well versed in habitat mitigation and restoration. We offer planning, implementation, and project management to successfully restore a wide range of habitat types from wetland to desert and coastal to montane.

  • Mitigation Site Design
  • Restoration Planning and Monitoring Study Designs
  • Implementation of Restoration Plans
  • Weed Control Mitigation
  • Mitigation and Restoration Summary Reports

Environmental Program Management

SummitWest has a unique focus on logistics and project management. With dedicated project managers, environmental coordinators and schedulers, and a full time safety officer, we provide full service project management to support environmental projects of all sizes.

  • Program Management, Development, Implementation
  • Program Coordination and Scheduling
  • Project Database Management
  • Technical Report and Environmental Document Preparation
  • QA/QC and Document Peer Review for Third Parties
  • Worker Safety Training and Compliance

Geographic Information Services

SummitWest provides the GIS, remote sensing, and drone services necessary to provide high resolution natural resource maps and reports.

  • GIS Analysis
    • GIS Design and Implementation
    • Database Creation and Analysis
    • Spatial Analysis and Impact Assessment
    • Sub-meter GPS Mapping
    • ArcGIS Geodatabases
    • Climate Refugia Analysis
    • Natural resource mapping
    • Water resource mapping
    • Site and Habitat Assessments
  • Drone Imagery Services

Climate Change

SummitWest provides cutting edge insights and innovative climate change strategies.

  • Climate action plans
  • Climate resiliency and sustainability plans
  • Climate refugia studies
  • Climate risk assessment
  • Climate adaptation planning & strategy development
  • Climate mitigation planning


SummitWest provides comprehensive drone mapping services to help you capture accurate, high-resolution geospatial data of your assets and surroundings.

  • Site inspections
  • Environmental monitoring
  • 3D modeling