Drone Mapping Services

SummitWest offers accurate, high-resolution geospatial drone mapping

Unlock the Power of Drone Mapping

SummitWest provides comprehensive drone mapping services to help you capture accurate, high-resolution geospatial data of your assets and surroundings.

Our team of experienced drone pilots and GIS experts can help you with a wide range of mapping projects, including:

  • Site inspections: Drones can be used to inspect hard-to-reach or dangerous areas, such as bridges, power lines, and construction sites. This can help you identify potential hazards, assess damage, and track progress.
  • Environmental monitoring: Drones can be used to monitor changes in vegetation, water levels, and other environmental features. This can help you track the impact of climate change, identify areas of concern, and develop management plans.
  • 3D modeling: Drones can be used to create 3D models of objects or landscapes which can be used for a variety of purposes, such as architectural design, product visualization, and disaster planning.

If you need accurate, high-resolution geospatial mapping data for your environmental project, assets and surroundings, SummitWest’s drone mapping services are the perfect solution for you!


SummitWest’s drone mapping services offer a number of advantages over traditional methods, including:

  • Accessibility: Areas and landscapes that can be either challenging and labor-intensive, or even impossible, to map from the ground can be easily accessed by our experienced drone pilots..
  • Accuracy: Our drones can capture data with a high degree of accuracy, even in difficult terrain. This is important for ensuring that your maps and models are precise and reliable.
  • Speed: Our drone team can quickly and efficiently map or collect data from large areas. This can save you time and money, and can also allow you to collect data more frequently.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Drone mapping is a cost-effective way to collect data. This is especially true when compared to traditional methods, such as aerial photography via helicopter or satellite imagery.

Why Choose SummitWest Environmental?

Additional Benefits of using drone mapping services include:

  • Increased safety: Drones can be used to inspect areas that are too dangerous or difficult to access by other means. This can help to protect your employees and contractors from harm, and allow data collection in otherwise inaccessible areas.
  • Enhanced decision-making: Drone mapping data can be used to make better decisions about your assets and surroundings, enabling you to improve safety, efficiency, and profitability.

Contact us today to learn more about our drone mapping services and how we can help you achieve your mapping goals.

One of SummitWest’s licensed drone pilots is tracking the restoration of a cranberry bog back to a wetland – see our Windswept Cranberry Bog Monitoring Project here

By combining our drone services with GIS, our clients benefit from enhanced data collection, analysis, visualization, and decision-making capabilities. Drones enable efficient and cost-effective data acquisition, while GIS provides the framework for processing, analyzing, and integrating the collected data into meaningful spatial information.

Please visit our Geographic Information Services (GIS) page to learn more about our GIS services.