Geographic Information Services

SummitWest provides the GIS, remote sensing, and drone services necessary to provide high resolution natural resource maps and reports.

SummitWest’s in-house team of GIS specialists analyze field data, produce high-quality resource maps and tailor outputs to our clients’ needs. SummitWest works with ESRI, ArcGIS, and QGIS, sourcing Landsat and other highly quality natural resource and climate databases to produce contextualized, predictive, and informative maps. We produce the maps our clients want, submitting high resolution data as geodatabases, shapefiles, kmzs, resource maps, attribute tables, and georeferenced figures. SummitWest’s GIS professionals are able to share and receive GIS information electronically and on any platform.

Along with industry standard site reconnaissance and habitat assessment techniques, our team employs drones to perform large-landscape assessment and resource mapping with fine precision, imaging, and GIS data collection. Our drone program allows for natural resource mapping across rugged terrains and within narrow timeframes and tight budgets.


  • GIS Analysis
    • GIS Design and Implementation
    • Database Creation and Analysis
    • Spatial Analysis and Impact Assessment
    • Sub-meter GPS Mapping
    • ArcGIS Geodatabases
    • Climate Refugia Analysis
    • Natural resource mapping
    • Water resource mapping
    • Site and Habitat Assessments
  • Drone Imagery Services