Environmental Project Management

SummitWest has a unique focus on logistics and project management. With dedicated project managers, environmental coordinators and schedulers, and a full time safety officer, we provide full service project management to support environmental projects of all sizes.

SummitWest provides large-scale and long-term Project Management support to a variety of clients, including environmental compliance Construction Support to Utility projects. As lead Project Managers, SummitWest coordinates with contractors, checks environmental site constraints, schedules (and staffs) field biologists and reports results to clients, giving ultimate clearance for construction to proceed. SummitWest provides full quality control of all surveys and monitor forms prior to submission to our clients.

SummitWest recognizes rigorous and reliable data management as a core metric of success, tracking over 15,000 surveys per year. With a unique focus on logistics and integration of technological innovation and automation, SummitWest expedites deliverables and reduces human error.

Our in-house schedulers and environmental coordinators quickly and efficiently schedule and manage our field crew, maintain current knowledge of our biologists certifications, and find the best fit for the project. Our qualified team of desktop reviewers, permitting specialists, and project managers allow support of complex projects. At SummitWest, safety is our top priority. With an ISN- & Avetta-approved Safety Program and dedicated Safety officer, effective safety tracking, 4×4 training and vehicle fleet, and Garmin trackers for all field staff, we ensure workplace safety and compliance.


  • Program management, Development, Implementation
  • Program Coordination and Scheduling among field crew, resource agency and client
  • Project database management
  • Technical report and Environmental Document Preparation
  • QA/QC and document peer review for third parties
  • Worker Safety Training and Compliance