Community, Respect and Learning

Our aim to preserve ecological diversity starts not in the field, but with our team.  United by our shared commitment, we wholeheartedly believe it takes people from all walks of life to care for our natural world.

SummitWest is committed to supporting equity, diversity and inclusion at all levels of the organization. From hiring, to career growth, work life balance, and our contracted services, we uplift our staff and our clients.  We work to build authentic relationships, leverage diverse perspectives and experiences, and aim to meet individuals where they are at in order to provide opportunities to engage.  By supporting our clients in their conservation efforts, we can engage all communities in caring for the natural world.

Biological conservation is a universal concern. People from diverse locations, backgrounds, and experiences are all needed to help build unique solutions. SummitWest is committed to growing with our employees, to being a dynamic and inclusive organization that welcomes collaboration. As lifelong learners we lean into questions, welcome discussion, and operate from a position of respect. We dream that by showing up as a women-owned DBE we are inspiring other smaller groups to share their voice as well.

Our Commitment

We acknowledge that these commitments are only a start. As we grow as individuals and a firm, we will continue to deepen and expand our connections to and understandings of our near and far communities.

  • Inclusion is everyone’s responsibility. We are committed to continuous development, supporting each other’s growth, modeling inclusive behaviors, proactively managing bias, and holding each other accountable throughout our daily interactions to ensure we are in alignment with our values and ideals.
  • In an attempt to reach a wide range of talent, we diversify our hiring and outreach methods to reach underrepresented groups.
  • We are passionate about sharing the wonders of the natural world with our communities and seek to engage through outreach education and involvement opportunities.
  • As a woman-owned small business DBE, SummitWest is used to swimming upstream. We are comfortable being uncomfortable and confidently stand up for what we believe.