Work week

SummitWest believes more in commitment than we do in hours worked per week. With staff commitments ranging between 20-45 hours/week, we work with you to find your perfect fit. We also offer part-time, on-call positions and will treat you as lovingly as we do our full-time staff. As your employer, we are not only going to help you reach your career-goals, we will also make sure you are attaining a healthy balance with your work.

Training & Career Development

We invest in you! Paid training includes: Wetland Training Institute’s Introductory Wetland Delineation Course; 4×4 Off Road Driving Courses; shadowing opportunities with qualified staff to gain special-status species experience, and more! We offer 401K and Health Insurance Plans to qualifying full-time staff.

Full Support

We have an amazing support team: from a full-time scheduler to a full-time coordinator, we ensure you are working when you want to be and gaining the species skills you need to advance your career!

Effective Management
Savings go to YOU

We pay our staff 1.6-2.5x more than the industry standard! Meaning more of your billing rate ends up in your pocket. We can do this by leveraging remote offices, effective leadership and management, and streamlining processes and expectations.

SummitWest is always looking ahead. We bring technology and software to deliverables and projects to streamline flow and enhance quality while simultaneously reducing human error. If you are someone who likes to constantly improve yourself then this is the place for you!