Habitat Mitigation and Restoration

SummitWest is well versed in habitat mitigation and restoration. We offer planning, implementation, and project management to successfully restore a wide range of habitat types from wetland to desert and coastal to montane.

SummitWest assists clients with all phases of restoration and habitat mitigation, from initial planning stages, to implementation, to long-term monitoring and reporting. Our restoration team conducts the special-status species surveys, provides biological monitoring services, restores the habitat through planting, weed abatement, soil stabilization, and much more, and prepares all follow-up restoration summary reports and post-implementation monitoring. SummitWest’s habitat restoration and planning services are rooted in our understanding of ecosystem services and habitat resilience.


  • Mitigation Site Design
    • Habitat Mitigation, Monitoring, and Reporting Plans (HMMP)
    • Review of Mitigation measures
    • Post-construction reports for compensatory mitigation
  • Restoration Planning and Monitoring Study Designs
    • Review of Project Impacts to Sensitive Biological Resources
    • Review of Existing Restoration Plans
  • Implementation of Restoration Plans
  • Weed Control Mitigation
    • Preparation of Weed Control Plan
    • Implementation of Weed Control Plan
    • Project and Agency Coordination
  • Mitigation and Restoration Summary Reports