Baseline, Biological, & Construction
Compliance Surveys

From environmental awareness training to endangered species consultations and weed abatement planning, SummitWest provides the baseline biological studies needed for project success.

SummitWest’s comprehensive study designs, species consultations, and data-management plans cover all the bases for a scientifically sound project while complying with environmental protection measures. We employ innovative communication strategies when leading virtual and in-person public involvement meetings to engage stakeholders with diverse perspectives.

We take pride in our Worker Environmental Awareness Program (WEAP), engaging and informing field and construction teams on the regulator compliance requirements and responsibilities of conserving environmental resources. This program is key to protecting resources and guiding personnel to make the best choices in the field.


  • Sensitive Species Inventories and Desktop Reviews
  • Environmental Requirement Planning
  • Section 7 Endangered Species Consultations
  • Weed Abatement Planning
  • Study Design and Statistical Analysis including GIS Habitat Mapping and Project Preparation
  • Environmental Awareness Training (WEAP & Community Outreach Education)
  • Environmentally Sensitive Area Fencing and Flagging